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《111-2 SA》 Thesis Workshop

Writing a thesis is never an easy task, especially for those who have no experience at all. Since writing a thesis is considered a must in order for a master’s degree student to obtain their diploma, the Student Association of the International Program organized a workshop, tailor-made for those who need some guidance on how to write a quality thesis. We were honored to have Kang Nguyen and Michal Polacek as our guest speakers, who have both written a thesis with a score of A+ during their Master’s Degrees in IBMBA and GHRM MBA.

After a warm welcome and introduction to both speakers, Michal Polacek started with two important parts about writing a thesis, deciding your topic, and deciding who might be your most suitable thesis advisor. Some participants had no idea what their topic should be, and some had a rough idea about it but were still confused about who they should invite as their thesis advisor. Michal Polacek answered all of the questions with interesting ideas, such as identifying ourselves as either being underachieving or overachieving. This is an interesting and important mindset for students to consider before starting a thesis as choosing the wrong topic and advisor with the wrong mindset might result in a miserable thesis life.

For the second session, Kang Nguyen went with a more practical approach. He provided lots of helpful information for our participants by going deeper into the details of writing a thesis. The library of NSYSU has collected a considerable amount of resources for students over the years. Whenever students need ideas or references, the school library is a good place to go. A well-organized schedule is also an essential part when it comes to writing a thesis. Kang Nguyen ended the session by providing some criteria for a good thesis which are extremely important for scoring well.

The most interesting part of the event was when two guest speakers collaborated with each other while explaining the oral defense. Michal Polacek and Kang Nguyen presented it by asking each other questions like in a real defense session. Since both speakers knew each other already, the session was informal with lots of valuable tips about oral defense. The students’ queries were answered by the speakers and they left the session with much more confidence in writing their thesis.

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