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ALUMNI SHARING: Lukasz Piotr Lanski from Poland shares his experience

GHRM MBA is a truly global program with students from countries around the world coming together to create a diverse learning experience for all students. Lukasz Piotr Lanski our exceptional GHRM alumnus from Poland has been living in Taiwan for a decade now and has some useful insights for our current students. He shares his experience of studying at NSYSU and advises students to follow their passion and take risks to move forward in their careers.

With a background in Mandarin language studies, Lukasz chose to study in Taiwan to further enhance his linguistic abilities as well as cultural knowledge. GHRM MBA provided him with professional skills to work in the field of management and offered new opportunities to learn. While talking about his experience at GHRM MBA he says, “the whole experience was great and the program was very well integrated. I got the opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant during my study, which further helped me develop key skills”. He further shares that he enjoyed his student life at the beautiful campus of NSYSU with the scenic ocean and mountains.

During his study, Lukasz took up an internship to gain professional experience, wherein he promoted products from Hongkong and even got the opportunity to visit Hongkong. He advises current students to take up new opportunities and internships to gain experience and identify their interests. He shares that sticking to what one feels like the right path is important even if there’s no clear goal in sight at the moment, as the experience will still teach you important skills needed for your future career. Lukasz is currently working in the field of economic diplomacy at the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and is the head of the Taipei office. He provides support for polish exports to Taiwan and investments to Taiwan and Poland.

With over a decade in Taiwan, Lukasz shares Taiwan feels like home and he is still fascinated by the culture, people, music, and food of Taiwan, which is very different from his home country. He expresses his gratitude to NSYSU for giving him such a memorable experience and to the office of GHRM for always being supportive of its alumni.

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