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Experience, Learn, Broaden Horizons - Tina Cheng and Her HR Career


Today we are glad to have a cozy interview with the alumni who graduated from our GHRM MBA program in 2017, Tina Hui Wen Cheng.

At that time, GHRM MBA was a newly established program which was not known by many people. When Tina saw the advertisement, she was interested with its curriculum and decided to give it a try. “Human Resources field is one of the most prestigious programs in National Sun Yat-sen University. GHRM MBA is a friendly and international environment that builds on this great academic foundation. I think it is a great opportunity that I should not miss. I experienced diversity in my collaboration as well as strengthened my communication skills while working with other foreign students. These accomplishments are irreplaceable,” said Tina.

Joining the exchange program in Germany is also an unforgettable memory for her. She got a chance to go to the top university- Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (University of Munich) in Germany. Tina believed, “If I weren’t there, I would never know the German culture, life and even the wonderful people in Germany. Besides, the best and most valuable part of our program is that you will have the chance to obtain a dual degree in a different country”.

Tina graduated in 2017 and got her first job in Innolux, a technology business, for nearly 1.5 years. Her main role was a recruiter and was in charge of the hiring process. In Innolux, one of the most unforgettable projects that she involved was to build a company campaign to attract job seekers for the job fairs in universities. During the campus recruitment events, she proposed the idea of developing company emoticons in Line as an exchange gift for job seekers in order to receive more attractions. Working in Innolux definitely inspired the creativity part inside her and equipped her with the adaptability to work in a dynamic organization.

After working for nearly 2 years in Innolux, she had a chance to join TSMC as an HR business partner. Needless to say, this is a great opportunity for her to expand her career path. For this position, her main role is to partner with line managers as well as collaborate with other HR functions people. As the HR contact window for approximately 1,700 people organization, she was brought to solve various types of issues and questions from different people. “I found it more challenging to work in a big scale technology business. However, these bring me to grow and develop as a person,” She shared.

Tina said, “Thanks to GHRM MBA courses and my precious experience in Germany, I have built strong analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and good communication skills. These work related groundwork enhanced my efficiency, productivity, personality and leadership qualities, which allow me to equip myself in my career.”

Tina has ambitions to continuously pursue her future career path within the HR field. She is striving for a higher and more in-depth HR profession in her current organization. In TSMC, a technology industry with a structured and well-organized HR system, she will be able to explore in different perspectives of the HR function and become successful in her career ladder.

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