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2021 NSYSU Virtual Graduation Ceremony Held On 19th June


On 19th June 2021, the National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) graduation ceremony for the batch of 2021 was held. Due to the restrictions of the ongoing pandemic, the ceremony was completely online for the first time in the history of NSYSU.

Ms. Lai Hsiao-Jun and Mr. Ou Yu Shen served as the emcees. The ceremony began with an open address from the President of NSYSU, Dr.Ying-Yao Cheng. In his address, the President talked about the improvements and achievements of NSYSU. He congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to chase their dreams and enjoy the brilliance of their journey. Next, recipient of NSYSU Honorary Doctorate, AIT Director William Brent Christensen, sent his wishes to the graduates through a video. Mr. Christensen acknowledged the limitations brought about by the virus but also noted that the future was bright. He reminded the graduates of the importance of the values of compassion and the moral obligation to help others, especially the most vulnerable among us. Mr. Christensen encouraged the graduates to chase their dreams but to be cognizant of the fact that we all belong to a community and should work to uplift it. He encouraged the graduates to cultivate these qualities and wished them the best for their future.

To encourage the students, the Chairman of NSYSU Alumni Association, Tsu-Kang Lei, also sent his best wishes through a recorded video. Mr. Lei remarked on the strength and prestige of the NSYSU alumni association and wished the graduates success in their career but also reminded them to come back to NSYSU and visit their professors, offer support to the students, and welcome the newcomers to the NSYSU family. After that, Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Po-Chaio Lin recommended the graduates to the President. For the year 2021, there were 1220 graduates of Bachelor's Degree, 1795 graduates of Master's Degree, and 134 graduates of Doctoral Degree.

After that, the graduate representatives presented their speeches. First, Ms. Kong Shan (Hkawn San), a graduate of GHRM MBA, from Myanmar presented her speech. She began by thanking the NSYSU commencement organizing team for their tireless work in finding a special way to celebrate graduation in the midst of a pandemic. She talked about three things that she learned during her time at NSYSU; overcoming challenges, the secret of happiness, and the secret of greatness. Being from a beautiful country like Myanmar that is also marked by various challenges, the pursuit of studying abroad led her to Taiwan. However, this wasn’t without challenges. Being exposed to an all-English program in an education system that was more advanced than her country, she was filled with self-doubt. However, with the help and guidance from her friends and professors, she overcame these challenges and made invaluable memories at NSYSU.

At NSYSU, Ms. Kong Shan also learned the secret recipe for joy. She recalled one professor who was one of the busiest people yet one of the most joyful Ms. Shan ever met. The professor taught her that by counting the gratitude and acknowledging the goodness in her life, the professor found the strength to overcome challenges and move forward. She also talked about how she met one student who worked very hard not just for himself but also to uplift the underprivileged children in his hometown of Jiayi. As a final remark, Ms. Kong Shan hoped that the graduates of 2021 would act beyond themselves but also for others, particularly the most disadvantaged of society.

Following the inspirational speech from Ms. Kong Shan, domestic students Mr. Hsu-Hsuan Wang and Mr. Tzu-Sheng Lin from the Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering addressed the graduates. After their inspirational speech, they also presented a graduate song, "Used To Be." Next, the graduate representatives from various departments for receiving the diplomas were presented. For the year 2021, Mr. Gary Yuan and Mr. Limaonen Longkumer were the representatives for IBMBA and GHRM MBA, respectively. Finally, the emcees wished the graduates the best but also encouraged them to often visit NSYSU.

Congratulations! Graduates of 2021. May you succeed in whatever field you choose to foray into.

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