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GHRM MBA Alumna And Former SA President Hkawn San Shares Her Job Search Experience In Taiwan


GHRM MBA is proud that our alumni are working in prestigious companies all across the globe. Today, we share the story of our prestigious alumna Hkawn San (Joy), from the beautiful country of Myanmar. Joy is currently working in the International Marketing department for the company SYNBIO TECH.

SYNBIO TECH is located in Kaohsiung Science Park and specializes in manufacturing and researching probiotics and distributing their products worldwide. Joy is passionate about health and wellness, which motivated her to apply for this company. However, Joy didn't land this job through luck but through her perseverance and hard work. She opened an account on the 104 portal, and after she sent her CV, SYNBIO TECH contacted her and requested her to do a presentation on industry and market trend analysis, followed by an in-person interview. When she started looking for employment opportunities, she sent her CV to nearly 50 companies and went for interviews with a wide range of companies ranging from small businesses to huge corporations and even the largest bank in Taiwan.

As for the challenges of finding employment in Taiwan as an international student, Joy says that she faced two hurdles; the first was the language problems as most companies in Taiwan predominantly conduct written tests and interviews in Chinese. The second is decision making says, Joy. As many companies offer various advantages and perks, it can be difficult to choose which company to choose. Through her job searching experience, Joy received invaluable advice from professors and her mentors, which helped her immensely which she shares with us:

“First, does the job Role excites you? If this kind of Role you imagine yourself loving and performing in the next 3-5 years. And will there be other companies needing this Role, ie, can you find a similar role in other companies. First on the Role. Then on the Industry - industry you are passionate about and why”

Additionally, Joy advises students to make good use of the resources that GHRM MBA offers, research the industry that you want to work for, reach out to people who have more expertise, and lastly to believe that everything will turn outright. From her student life in Taiwan to landing her Job, Joy only has immense gratitude for the GHRM MBA office, for her professors and friends that helped her every step of the way. Joy shares:

“All the credits go to GHRM and IBMBA family (professors, faculty members, and friends), and I will be forever grateful to them. The office and the people here really concern about their students. The International office arrange career consulting session, the consultant looked at my CV and provided very insightful suggestions on how to reorganize my CV so that it stands out.”

Joy is particularly thankful for her wonderful friends who went out of their way to help her:

“Moreover, so many friends from the program helped me during my job hunting, providing psychological support and many other job-hunting related Support. One friend from the program helping me translate my CV into Chinese. Another friend was like “Joy, lets practice interview in Chinese”, so he taught me how to answer interview questions in Chinese. And for every interview that I went, this friend helped me check the company’s reputation on online forum. And I cried (tears of joy) because I was overwhelmed by all their kindness.”

Joy loved her time at NSYSU and misses it immensely. Joy says, “NSYSU loves me, and I love NSYSU too( I am a bit cheesy, but it's ok, haha).GHRM is more than an educational program; it is a family to me. I hope that I will be able to contribute back to the program and to the school that has done so much for me.”

Congratulations, Joy, for your success, and GHRM MBA is confident that you'll only achieve more greatness.

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