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《109-2_GHRM509》Dr. Qurie Kim From Yonsei University Delivers Lecture On “Experimental Studies And The Effects Of Narrative Advertising”


On the 27th of April, 2021, Dr. Qurie Kim (Yonsei University) delivered a lecture on the topic “Experimental Studies And The Effects Of Narrative Advertising” for the students of the Research Methodology course.

Dr. Kim has vast research experience in the film industry. Dr. Kim emphasized the importance of research by asking the attendees how often and why people use Foodpanda before/during/after the pandemic. Additionally, she talked about the different types of research, how to conduct a successful experimental study in social science, etc. To reduce errors and research costs, she recommended students do a pretest before proceeding with experiments.

Dr. Kim used the paper “Self-Referencing and Persuasion: Narrative Transportation versus Analytical Elaboration” (Escalas, 2007) to make it easier for the students to understand how to experiment. This analysis aims to determine the effects of narrative transportation that the viewer experiences in film previews of Over-The-Top media services. Attendees learned more about the context hypotheses used in various studies, the intent of various studies, and real experiments by viewing film trailers with or without describing text. Dr.Qurie Kim concluded her speech by emphasizing the importance of ethics in conducting science, especially in experiments involving humans and animals.

Finally, Professor Jeeyeon Kim and all students from Research Methodology thanked Dr.Qurie Kim for her wonderful lecture, which equipped the students with valuable knowledge to write quality theses.

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