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《109-2_GHRM507》Field trip in Hong Yu museum of cuttlefish ball


Hong Yu Food CO., LTD is the company that the class will do the consulting with. To understand what their industry is, Professors Chien-yuan Sher, Heng-yen Chang, Hung-jeng Tsai, Yi-shin Wu, and Shi-chi Yang arranged a visit on Mar. 27. Hong Yu Food is famous for its high-quality cuttlefish ball and just started their museum in 2019 to let more people know about the cuttlefish industry. The executive assistant, Jeff Lin, and the planning assistant, Sunny Lin, led students to visit their museum and introduced the development history of Hong Yu and how the cuttlefish balls are made.

The owner, Mr. Lin (林錫宏先生), initially learned how to make cuttlefish balls with Uncle Cuttlefish (花枝伯王耀通先生) who is famous as expert of cuttlefish in Penghu. Then, he started his own business in Kaohsiung. At the beginning, he started the business in the traditional market. In recent years, he decided to transform their business model to run a factory and tourism museum. Throughout these years, Hong Yu insisted on the traditional methods to produce the cuttlefish ball. Also, they obeyed the sustainability to select the raw material. The tradition about cuttlefish balls, how to produce the cuttlefish balls and what Hong Yu does to guarantee the quality of their product were introduced in detail in the visit. During the visit, students learned a lot and realized how Hong Yu Food keeps making progress in their business.

At the end of the visit, the consulting issues for this semester were announced by Hong Yu. The authorities raised two questions regarding marketing and human resource management relatively for students to develop the project. Through the visits in these three weeks, students had ideas on the consulting projects. Believe that students can develop creative and innovative projects for the issues from Hong Yu.

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