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Field Trip in Cianjhen District


Date : Mar. 9th, 2021 (109-2)

Course: GHRM507 Consulting Methods and Practices

The “Consulting Methods and Practices” course provides students opportunities to work with local companies and communities. Hong-Yu Food corporation located in Cianjhen is the company which students will work with to help solve the issues of some challenges they encountered. To know more about the communities and the district, a field trip to Cianjhen district was arranged in the first week. This also might be helpful to come up with the solution combined with the local characteristic. Besides, Siwan College helped a lot to organize the field trip. Assistant Shiau-Ting Hung introduced Cianjhen deeply to let students learn more about the district. Hope students could enhance problem-solving capabilities, improve team-working skills in a cross-cultural background, understand issues relevant to social responsibility by doing the projects.

Cianjhen was once a prosperous district in Kaohsiung. With the setup of the export processing zone, many companies gathered, and the increase of working opportunities attracted people to come to work. However, with the change in the economic development and demographic structure, lots of youngsters left to other cities to find better jobs and more foreign workers were hired to continue the production. As a result, the once prosperous district became a cross-cultural district nowadays. Every corner we passed, the symbol of history and new culture could be seen, which indirectly illustrated the change in Cianjhen district. We visited the temple representing the religion center of the district, passed by different types of houses meaning the change of residents, and walked through the traditional markets reflecting the daily life. The changes indicated the history path, change of lifestyle and the influence of noble families in the district.

Michal Poláček, a GHRM MBA student from Czech Republic, shared, “The field trip was cool to me and the tour guide showed us places where I would normally don’t go. It’s very logical what happened there as the industry evolved and developed. So far I am not sure if this field trip is going to help us with our semester project, but I hope we can use some information later.”

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