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Learning a language will open up your future: Student Association of International Programs holds Fall 2020 Language Exchange

Language is not only necessary for career development in the future, but it also helps you easily get used to a new living environment, acknowledge the culture and people in that country. When learning a language, there are a variety of options for you to choose such as online courses, group lessons, or going abroad to study languages. Nowadays, with the fast development of technology and social media, we have more choices for improving our speaking skills as well as other skills. However, exchanging language in a direct way still brings more positive effects which facilitate you to attain the higher levels you want dramatically.

With the diversity and multicultural environment at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) and the International Programs (IBMBA, GHRM MBA), you will have more friends without traveling around the world and feel free to grasp unfamiliar languages.

Knowing the importance of language and the advantages in NSYSU, the Student Association of the International Programs (SA) organized a Fall 2020 Language Exchange specializing in Mandarin and English.

During the fall semester, the program has 13 groups of student pairs from different countries who exchange languages, couples choose a time that suits their schedule. In order for the language exchange to be more effective, the program requires students to meet at least 2 hours/week. With clear orientation, the program has received positive feedback from participants. Rosie (Vietnam) – a first-year GHRM MBA student was gleeful to join the program and improve her Mandarin communication skill. Before coming to Taiwan, Rosie learned Chinese but she still has some hassle in buying things at the supermarket or going to the hospital. Thanks to her partner - 徐立宇 (Taiwan) from the College of Management, now she knows many local words and becomes confident to communicate with Taiwanese. According to Rossie:

“I and 徐立宇 usually go out and eat local foods (rice ball sweet soup, Chinese mesona, etc.), he shows me the beautiful sides of Kaohsiung and people here. Language Exchange gives international students a chance to have indigenous friends, we together visit famous destinations, try outstanding foods and exchange cultures, which help us a lot”

With the same opinions as Rosie, Cecilia (Vietnam) – a first-year GHRM MBA student was also pleased with the program. She shares:

“This is a totally amazing experience for me, my partner is 李宗恩– a first-year student of College of Engineering. As he is friendly, enthusiastic, and patient, I am not afraid of using wrong words, which makes me develop vocabulary, improve pronunciation ability and get ready for the Chinese exams.”

On Christmas Eve, Rosie, Cecilia, Tomas (Czech) – a first-year GHRM MBA student and their partners - 徐立宇, 李宗恩, 李怡瑾 (Taiwan) – a College of Liberal Arts student had a warm moment together. They went to a restaurant at Love River and also went to the church to wish the best things in a new year.

In the next semester - Spring semester 2021, the SA will continue to organize this Language Exchange program with a range of activities (picnic, going to a local market, etc.) so that students can improve their language skills, know deeply about Taiwanese culture, get closer together and create a sustainable multicultural environment in NSYSU. We are looking forward to your participation in the coming time. Stay tuned and wait for the official information on our fanpage – Student Association of International Programs NSYSU:


Back row from the left 李宗恩, Tomas, and 徐立宇
Front row from the left Rosie, Cecilia, 李怡瑾

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