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《Course Lecture》Guest Lecture by Professor Wenshin Chen from Feng Chia University


On December 7, 2020, the lecturer of Cross-Cultural Management from IBMBA program, Professor David Andersson, invited Wenshin Chen from Feng Chia University to share the topic about contemporary global society and cross-cultural management.

In the beginning, Professor Chen introduced himself with six words which are “2 doctorates, 3 masters, 6 continents”. This means that he has obtained his two doctorates and three master’s degrees in the United States and Australia, and has teaching experiences in the United States, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Taiwan. Therefore, Professor Chen is rich in the knowledge about the culture of each country.

In Professor Chen’s talk, he explained what constitutes contemporary global society and gave some global sociology examples about the distinctive nations which include Japan, Mexico, Namibia, Egypt, and Germany. He also mentioned that the effect of cultural differences on mobile addiction syndrome. In the cross-cultural managing part, he talked about the global trends of world culture, cultural clusters of leadership, and contemporary factors management. At the end of the speech, Professor Chen also revealed how organizations maintain global reach and local touch simultaneously and how managers maintain workplace diversity.

Finally, we would like to thank Professor Wenshin Chen for his insightful speech on behalf of the GHRM MBA program. It is our great hope that every student in this course will gain valuable knowledge from Professor Chen's lecture.

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