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GHRM MBA & IBMBA Family Enjoy An Extravagant Luncheon At Sunset Beach Resort NSYSU


On the 25th of September 2020, NSYSU GHRM MBA & IBMBA students and faculty members spent some quality time and enjoyed an appetizing lunch at the Sunset Beach Resort, NSYSU. Here’s how it went down:

The event started at noon, and upon entering the venue, everyone was given a colored thread and had to sit in the same table with others who also had threads of the same color. It was an excellent idea as it helped the students to forge new friendships.

President of Student Association Joy greeted the attendees and called upon Dr. Sharon Wang, Program Director, to give the opening speech. Dr.Wang exhorted the students to enjoy the journey in the university and introduced faculty members including former Dean of College of Management Dr.Shyh-Jer Chen, Deputy Director of International Relations Office Wee Kheng Tan, and professors Jeeyeon Kim, Ryan Brading, Francois Bouchetox, David Anderson, and Kim Choy Chung who were also present at the venue.

Outstanding GHRM IBMBA students Evelyn Lee and Justine (Taiwan In My Eyes) and Leanne and Keval (APYE Online and GSIIC) were felicitated for their respective victories. During the event, the multi-talented Ann Tretyakova (GHRM MBA 2nd year student) belted two songs, one in English and another in Russian, to a warm reception from the attendees. Finally, the delicious meals, including a wide array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, were presented to the attendees' delight.

One of the most memorable moments during the luncheon was a game played between the professors and the students. The professors made three statements, two right and one wrong, and the students had to guess the incorrect one. The game ignited quite a lot of laughter and also showed how much the students knew their professors. After the function, a candid group picture was clicked to commemorate the event.

Elsa, 2nd-year GHRM MBA student, remarked that she enjoyed the savory dishes and the opportunity to mingle and build new friendships with others from the department. Despite their busy schedule, SA members always do an impeccable job at organizing unique and exciting events. Get-togethers like this strengthen the bond between the students, professors, and faculty members and promote a cordial environment.

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