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GHRM MBA students studying in the UK - NTU treasures


We all go to university to gain knowledge and qualification, but not only this can it offer us. Apart from the study, we all enjoy meeting new friends, like-minded people, and finally, have full feelings of student life. Thus, in order to diversify the academic side and promote comprehensive development and support students’ well-being, the university provides many additional options you can find interesting and helpful.

As for the start, NTU has NTSU (Nottingham Trent Students’ Union) which can help you stay connected, organized a lot of different events and trips to explore the UK.

Every Thursday NTSU organised Lounge Lunch where you could grab some free food and drinks and have a chat with other students, discuss the topic provided by the Lounge staff from the NTSU as an icebreaker for people to start a conversation and find new friends. I did really enjoy that and find it very helpful, especially for new students who have just arrived and do not know anyone.  You also can visit the Lounge any time during office hours just to relax or work on your stuff, it is cosy and has a lot of free space. In addition, there were different events every week like workshops, where you could learn even how to knit and make a small scarf by yourself in one session over there for free. It is always great to try something new that you even never think of, and again, meet new friends.


Connections are very important in our lives and you never know what that new friendship or connection can bring you in the future, sometimes it can change all your life for better. That’s what I realised here after some sessions organized for students by the Employability team. It helped me to take a look back and analyse my previous experience and think of future perspectives. NTU Employability service is another useful tool that you will not want to miss. There are people to support you and help to improve your CV, cover letter, your skills for future interviews. It also proved a lot of sessions worth to visit including lectures by specialists from different industries and researchers. The team would support you even after graduation for the next three years. In addition, you still would have access to all the resources.  I have visited several sections that gave me more understanding of the hiring process worldwide and in the UK particularly. I have attended the session which prepares you for the assessment centre where I had the opportunity to practice interviews with real people who have experience of hiring employees and knowledge what employers are looking for giving you feedback right away. It gave me a real-time experience of how assessments centres work and how to get ready for it as well as more confidence in myself.

I have also taken the challenge of doing Acceler8 (extra-curriculum activities outside of your studies) that helps me to develop myself personally and professionally. It is beneficial to add to my CV later as well. Acceler8 has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. And it is totally up to you which level you want to achieve. At the moment I am working on silver but my goal is to achieve gold, obviously.



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