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GHRM MBA students studying in the UK - NTU platform

Today I would like to share with you my experience with the technology used in NTU that I admired when I started to use it. I haven’t had this experience before and I think it is an experience that can be utilised by other educational institutions. Especially in a new world of technologies.

NTU implemented a nice platform for the university and students which has a smartphone app version and it is called “My NTU”. In this platform for each student and faculty is created an account.

The platform is full of different useful features that make your life a bit easier and organized. In this app you can find all information about your courses (NOW) and timetable which is real-time. All changes in your class schedules would be automatically shown in there and if you forget the number of the classroom or it was changed just before the day of the lesson you easily can check it through your phone.

You cannot study in NTU without this app as even your attendance is through scanning a QR code by using your own account for most of the classes. As long as you scan the QR code that would be displayed on the screen just before the lesson starts using your app it would be automatically recorded to the system. Because attendance is controlled very seriously here. Of course, in case, for some reason you do not have a phone professor can add it manually to the system.

To-do section for the Dropbox Deadline submissions would also automatically displayed as long as it set by the module.  It also gives you real-time information about PC availability in every university building including the library. Through this app, you can check what books did you take from the library, and when do you need to return them or you can extend the loan online.

It is very important to check your school email every day because a lot of information and communication would be through school email and not your personal one, which you can easily find there without each time signing in.

The same dashboard would appear on the university’s computers when you sign in with your account. So it is very easy to navigate and quickly access. Maybe this idea would inspire someone to create their own.

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