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【Activity】Celebrating the Class of 2020 | Graduate With GHRMMBA & IBMBA

After two years of hard-working and going through all the challenges of a Master's student life, our students from the International Programs could come such a long way to be able to get themselves to the Graduation Ceremony. The graduates of the International Business MBA (IBMBA) and Global Human Resource Management MBA (GHRM MBA), together with their family members, celebrated their success while being reunited with their friends and classmates. Also presented in the ceremony was the Dean of the College of Management and Director, professors, program alumni, and staff from the International Programs. This year, the event was held in Sunset Beach Resort with some special outdoor activities, which is a unique experience that you can only have in National Sun Yat-sen University.

We understand that Graduation is the beginning of their new stage of life as they fly out from the warmth and comfort of the university and face the adventure that lay ahead. Examinations are finally over, scruffiness is replaced with fancy clothes, and parents admire their children for reaching a long marathon finish line. Furthermore, Graduation is more than just tossing a cap in the air or dressing up or having a valuable piece of paper. It is about celebrating milestones, being proud of the journey, and sharing great memories with your beloved friends and families.

The event was an impressive graduation ceremony for the students. Everyone went through all levels of emotion: excitement, joy, and extraordinary. The Graduation Ceremony was held on June 4th, 2020, and hosted by Cindy, an officer from the International Programs Office, and Ryan Fernandez, a GHRM MBA alumnus.

The event started by an opening remark that made by the Dean, Professor Hwang San –Yih, to welcome our honored guests, family members, graduate students, and wished them every success and in their future careers. Following, the alumnus representative Mathew Hopkins, who shared his own experiences, not only encouraged the graduates to try different things and also provided valuable tips for job hunting. The graduates representative Laura Chiang from IBMBA and Justine Pura from GHRM MBA also delivered their speeches, recalling their journeys in achieving their degrees, and showing their gratefulness to all professors and friends.

"I have pictured my family doing a five-day tour around Taiwan after the graduation party and me to see how beautiful this country is, for them to see the country that has been my second home, for them to see that I made the right choice returning in this country to do my Master's after being an exchange student and for them to see how happier I am with my life right now." – Justine Pura, GHRM MBA 107

"Thanks to the International Program for providing knowledge and helping me build a great foundation to support my future business career. To all of my friends, I cherished every moment with you at every stage of our students' life. Wish all of us could carry the confidence and strength to achieve our dreams". – Laura Chiang, IBMBA 107

Tassel turning is the most momentous moment of the ceremony. The Dean, Director, and professors and faculty members will see the students on the stage to do the tassel turning and handing them the diploma. This activity proves that our students have reached the milestone of transforming the fruitful academic achievements into an academic degree at National Sun Yat-sen University. At the end of the ceremony, the graduates were given the chance to pay their appreciation and saluted to all the faculty members, thanked for their hard works and guidance not only in academic field as a professor but also in life as a mentor. With the wishes and expectations, the graduates are encouraged to face future challenges and explore their bright future.

Graduation is not the end of our journey but an advanced of our relationship into friends and family. On behalf of all faculty members, we want to say: "Congratulations Graduate. You have worked hard to achieve your goals, and now you are on your way to seek new vistas, dream new dreams, embark on who you are, embrace life with passion and keep reaching for your star. Go for it!"

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