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《Field Trip》A Firm Foothold in Kaohsiung, and the Whole World in View - Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd



Because the course of “Consulting methods and practice” opened by College of Management has cooperated with corporates that assign specific projects for students who took this course to complete in this semester, students got the chance to go into the realty to work along with corporates. Due to the need of project, Professor Lin has guided students to visit Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd. Shen Fung is a world leading screws company reside in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, because of the elite quality of its products and progressing technological R&D, Sheh Fung has already expanded their business to North America and Europe. Sheh Fung’s manager Mr. Hwang gave students a presentation to have a initial understand of the company, then he led students to its lab first to see how they use precision instrument to examine screws’ quality and make sure the screws would arrive to customers’ side with a lowest defective rate. Then, we went to the manufacture site to see the process of making a screw from raw material to end product via Sheh Fung’s organized and fluent operation. The result of this project will be demonstrated in the middle of June- 12th of June in College of Management in NSYSU, students will present their results of projects to corporates they cooperated with respectively, let’s looking forward to it and please keep following this page to catch the newest progress of this course!

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