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【International Program】On-line speech: "Be a well-prepared fresh graduate”


The International Program Office and the Students Association (SA) invited Ms. Irene Chiang, a New Products Introduction (NPI) Material Lead in Merry Electronics Co. Ltd. to share with our students some very important information about how to prepare yourself for “real” life after graduation.

The format of the lecture was a live stream video on the Facebook page of the SA, where everyone could join the lecture and ask in live mode any questions they were interested in. Laura Chiang(the Vice President of SA) and Dang Phuong Thao(the Vice President of SA) had reserved the classroom at the College and provided the guest lecturer all necessary equipment for this online session.

During the lecture, Irene explained to students what to expect after graduation, how long the “job hunting’ period normally takes and, also, insider tips about creating your CV and process of job interview. Apart from that, she gave an example about how it is important to fully understand all components and details of the product that you market. In our comprehensive job-market, you must be professional in an area you would like to work. Irene told students that at some point she felt that she was missing some specific knowledge about components of the produced material, so she asked her manager to put her as an intern in the R & D Department at the company in order to fill this gap and be even more professional.

In addition, she talked about the importance of time management, since their company is international and they are working with people all over the world with different time schedules. Irene emphasized the need for proper behavior in such situations and, whenever possible, people need to make it clear to colleagues that their time spent on work is very valuable.

Apart from that, the SA provided the 7/11 coupons to the first five students who were very active and asked questions. Those students are Le Ngoc Bich Thuy(李珊), Truong Lam Huong(張藍香), Arissa(蔡侑珊), Lillian(葉麗亞), Zhanna Samodurova(章安娜), and Lucy(吳柔賢). Most of the questions from students were devoted to the topic of interviews with HR and proper behavior. Additionally, future graduates were curious about gaining job experience and the best work field for this.We are grateful Irene Chiang for sharing with NSYSU students her unique experience. Hope we will have luck to meet her again!

Currently, the live video lecture is saved on the Facebook page of SA. For those who missed it, there is always a chance to check it out there or use the link:https://www.facebook.com/SA.NSYSU.KAOHSIUNG/videos/870541673413074/

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