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【Dual Degree Program】Experience sharing from Julie Chen

Julie Chen

Julie Chen

•Originally from Taiwan
•Student of NTU, England
•Doing Dual Degree Program in NSYSU, Taiwan
The National Sun Yat-sen University offers a wide array of dual degree programs in which students can participate for an additional degree. One of such students was Julie Chen from Taiwan, who came back from Nottingham Trent University, England. The Students Association met with Julie and asked a few questions about her experience.
-Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself? What are you studying right now?
When I was undergraduate student in Taiwan I applied for dual degree program to NTU, England. Thus, I spent my last year of university in Nottingham doing International Business. Currently, I am studying Global Human Resources Management in NSYSU in order to get my second degree.
-Why did you choose Taiwan and this Master? 
The main reason why I chose Taiwan is my family. I am Taiwanese and for me it is important to be close to my parents. Additionally, despite of the fact that we had options for the countries, however, only NSYSU was offering courses related to Human Resources, which for me was exactly what I was looking for. As I can say so far, I see my future career connected to allocating Human Resources, therefore I need to get as much knowledge in that area as possible. 
-Did you check other options for this program except Taiwan? What was your criteria for deciding?  
We had some options in France, Italy and Portugal. All of them are in Europe that for me was a decisive factor. For me it was quite clear since only NSYSU was in Asia and offered GHRM Program. 
-How do you find studying in NSYSU compare to NTU? What is the main deference from your point of view?
Actually, from my point of view, Asian education in general is based on “one-way” teaching method. The professors are mostly having their own lectures and students have to listen to them. Meanwhile, in England there is more interaction between students and teachers. I think, both education methods have their pros and cons but speaking specifically, the main difference for me was the structure of the courses. NTU has its own small semesters inside the semester. We have only one class during the whole month and we are concentrating only on one subject, therefore it is quite intense. Whereas, in Taiwan you have many classes during one semester, which I find quite diverse.  
-Would you recommend this program to your friends?
Yes, definitely. From my perspective, for students studying at National Sun Yat-sen University, this is a very good opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of other countries and to be more aware of a possible profession abroad. In addition, an important factor is that for Taiwanese students a double degree program in England is relatively not that inexpensive.

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