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《GHRM MBA》Student Interview_ Anna from Hong Kong

Dear friends,
We are glad to have a 1st-year GHRM English MBA Program student Anna shared her experience.
Anna is originally from Hong Kong, where she has done her bachelor’s degree in history, during which she defended a thesis about Korean culture. Later on, she moved to South Korea to study Korean. Learning different languages is Anna’s passion, which brought her to Taiwan. She has learned about NSYSU and GHRM through the Taiwan admission exhibition in Hong Kong and decided to take this program and have a chance to learn a new culture. Anna enjoys studying at GHRM English MBA Program and her favorite class is Organizational Behavior as she thinks it is very practical and useful in a real work situation. Despite having difficulties to learn a program that is not related to her previous educational background Anna could adjust thanks to her classmates and schoolmates, who are willing to share their thoughts and help with the course work.
“The best thing that I like about studies at NSYSU are people that I met here are all very nice and helpful. My classmates and schoolmates are friendly and supportive, and I feel empowered and relieved when working with them.”
Anna enjoys her student life and is happy to join NSYSU and meet students from all over the world and is fond of Kaohsiung and traveling around Taiwan these days.
“Obtaining a Master’s degree in GHRM English MBA Program from NSYSU will definitely enrich my future employment opportunity.”



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