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《GHRM MBA》Student Interview_ Anna and Pavel from Russia

Dear Friends,
Today we are glad to share a special story of Anna (Anya) and Pavel (Pasha) from Russia, both current GHRM English MBA students.
Anna was born in Berezniki (it is a small town in Perm region). In 2012 she moved to Moscow to get education. She has Bachelor's degree in production Management and Master’s degree in Technosphere safety (Environment Engineering). She has been working since 18, so she has some work experience already: “My last job was in a team of quality assurance and regulatory affairs (RA&QA) specialists in American medical company Bio-Rad Laboratories back in Moscow.“ Currently Anna has a part-time job as an English teacher for little kids.
Pavel is from Domodedovo (it’s 25 km from Moscow), who has studied at MIREA - Russian Technological University. He has been a Math tutor and still teaches via Skype. 
About their hobbies and activities in free time they answered the following.
Anna: “I’m interested in music. I love singing; therefore, I have recently participated in Chinese song contest for international students and even took third place there  J I also was engaged in promotion of our GHRM program event in Medical University in Taichung with my classmate - Harris. Soon (this Thursday 28.11) I will take part in CLC project - sharing information about Russia with little kids at school.”
Pasha: “My main passion is sport. I am a candidate for master of sports in table tennis. Also, I enjoy playing volleyball and football, skiing and skating. I usually don’t participate in social activities at University, but Anya does, and I am always attending all events with her, so school activities even start to attract me. I think I just need time to get used to it and I also will be engaged in University’s social life”
Both Anna and Pavel were exchange students in NCTU (Hsinchu) and had a chance to visit Kaohsiung, meanwhile one of their friends introduced them to Sizihwan area as well as NSYSU. “We really enjoyed the atmosphere reigned here. Few months later, our friend Zhanna was admitted to this program (GHRM English MBA Program). After she has studied here for some time, she shared with us her own experience and even helped in applying.” – our interviewees explain.
Anna and Pavel agree that their classmates is the main reason they enjoy their studies at NSYSU, as they all are very interesting, smart and friendly: “Each class with them becomes an adventure, because all are with different backgrounds and have various experiences. It’s really valuable.”
Anya’s favorite class so far is Organizational behavior: “I love it because it’s somehow connected with psychology that I enjoy”, while Pasha’s is Organization theory & management: “I had lack of such knowledge. Now I feel like the puzzle in my head is about to assemble.”
Our interviewees believe that International MBA Diploma will give them opportunities to be hired on better positions, especially in Russia. Top companies usually want their employees to be well educated and experienced: “Especially GHRM English MBA Program at NSYSU can give both - education and experience, thus we are glad and lucky to be part of GHRM Family.”
We welcome Anna and Pavel and wish them joyful and valuable years at NSYSU’s GHRM English MBA Program.





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