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Global HRM English MBA program

UK Dual Degree

GHRM MBA has just reached an agreement with a Nottingham Trent University(NTU), England. Students who participate in the program get the opportunity to receive multiple degrees. Not only would you receive your MBA degree in the GHRM program, you would also receive a International Business master degree from an accredited England University. You'd get the chance to take courses in the UK, as well, NTU would be helping you to obtain an internship which will help you gain more international experience. Joining this program you would have two diplomas, one from Asia, and one from UK!

【NTU Dual Degree】Lulu from Miaoli to Nottingham
Dear Friends!
Our pretty classmate 謝依儒 (Lulu) from Miaoli, Taiwan would like to tell about herself and share her experience of being a dual degree program participant. She is currently first year student of NSYSU GHRM program and a dual degree exchange student at Nottingham Trent University.

She likes to travel and meet new people, discover new cultures as well as both gain and share experience. Lulu likes NSYSU for its friendly atmosphere and very supportive, caring Professors and staff, who are willing to help in solving any kind of problem and answer any question.

Meanwhile, Lulu enjoys her student life at Nottingham Trent University - full of academic discoveries and new approaches combining it with experience of meeting people from all over the world (more than 80% of students in her class are international students) and exploring Europe - she already had a great chance to visit some of the European countries while participating in internship program.

“NTU has a fabulous learning environment. Enjoy your time here and don’t hesitate to apply for dual degree program, it will be the most fantastic experience in your life” – Lulu advises to NSYSU students.

Lulu would like to encourage students, whose native language is not English, not to be afraid, and challenge themselves to speak and practice as much as possible even if it is not very easy to express yourself at the beginning you will start to feel the language and the words will just flow.

The same advice could be given to international students, who came to Taiwan and started learning Chinese. Although Chinese is not that easy for reading and writing but our speaking is quite easy without complex grammar. Chinese is full of our culture content so it is a way to learn local culture” explains Lulu.